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Meet the MAKER

The owner:

Hello! My name is Kira and I own and operate this little candle biz out of my house in San Diego, CA. So far, it’s been a lot of figuring out, spending money, and making tons of candles but I’m having fun! At least the house always smells nice now. I moved out West with my boyfriend almost 5 years ago from Maryland and have been working as a graphic designer. When I’m not working or making candles, you’ll usually find me outside tending to my plants, going for a hike, walking on the beach, going camping, heading to a concert, advocating for rescue dogs, doing yoga, making yummy meals in the kitchen, and/or traveling. And that about sums me up! 

Who is iris nicole?

If you were wondering about the company name, Iris Nicole is not one person but actually two! Iris and Nicole are my two grandmothers and also my two middle names. My grandmothers live in Portugal and France so I unfortunately do not get to see them often. Luckily, growing up my grandparents would come visit over the summer for months at a time. I never quite realized those were the times I was going to spend the most time with them ever. My heart is still full of their love, no matter the distance or time apart. I haven’t seen either since October 2019 but I’m hoping to get over to Europe sometime soon!

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