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Lavender - 4 Ounces

Lavender - 4 Ounces

Scent: Lavender

Color: Natural Soy

Size: 4 Ounces

Container: Glass Mason Jar with Silver Aluminum Lid


Top Note: Bergamot
Middle Note: Lavender
Base Note: Cedar


A delicate and sweet floral fragrance, our Lavender candles are the perfect way to set yourself up for a good nights sleep. The soothing and calming scent will help relax your body and mind while it sends a soft, powdery, evergreen woodsy aroma into the air. Helping you maintain a healthy sleep schedule, lighting Lavender candles in the evening will help you unwind from the day and guide you into a restful night. Among many other benefits, Lavender is also known to reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness, and depression. Who knew lighting a simple candle could do so much?

    Color: Natural Soy
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