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Candle Care

Nurturing Your Candle Experience

At Iris Nicole Candle Company, we believe that the journey of candle enjoyment extends beyond the initial light. Proper candle care is essential to ensure your candles last as long as possible and offer the most enchanting fragrances. Discover the key steps to maximize the longevity and aroma of your candles, transforming each moment into a sensory delight.

Effective candle care is the key to unlocking the full potential of your cherished candles. Here are crucial tips to ensure your candle's longevity and fragrance reach their zenith:


Full wax pool

When you light a new candle, patience is your best ally. Allow it to burn for approximately two hours or until a complete wax pool forms, where the entire surface becomes liquid. This essential step prevents tunneling and extends the candle's life by ensuring each subsequent burn is even and delightful. While the anticipation to light a fresh candle is irresistible, waiting until you can dedicate at least two hours will ensure you experience it to the fullest.

trim wicks

Before you embark on your candle journey, remember this essential step: always trim the wick to a quarter of an inch. This small act goes a long way in ensuring your candle burns evenly, extends its lifespan, and minimizes soot. For those hard-to-reach wicks, consider investing in a pair of wick trimmers. They prove to be invaluable companions for any candle enthusiast. So, don't skimp on your candle care routine—keep those wicks trimmed for an optimal candle experience!


4 hour max

Extensive burning can lead to a phenomenon called "mushrooming," where carbon accumulates on the wick, resulting in a larger flame accompanied by increased smoke and soot. To preserve your candle's longevity and maintain a clean burn, aim to extinguish it before reaching the 4-hour mark. This small act ensures your candle serves you well for longer, which is something we all desire!

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